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The centralized automated system will contribute in making the education process more streamlined and easier to maintain so that quality of education can be improved.

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What is Hevra-IUMS?

Hevra Integrated University Management System (Hevra-IUMS) is an integrated web-based enterprise ERP product designed to automate the operations of a higher educational institutions. It covers the entire life-cycle of students starting from admission through degree completion.

In addition, university authority will be able to manage the back-office processes of the institution such as Accounting, Personnel Management, Payroll Management and Inventory in an integrated real time manner.

Bologna Process

A semester system is an academic term. Usually the semester system divides the year in two parts named fall semester and spring semester. All the modules that have been applied by departments in a college will depend on student workload. Each module has its out specific credit based on Bologna process accreditation.


Hevra Integrated University Management System

What makes Hevra-IUMS an excellent solution?

Hevra Integrated University Management System provides following features:

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Integrated System

Universities have many departments and centers to manage learning and courses; to effectively run an establishment, software equips universities with a system that can be accessed across departments, which is integrated with everyday transactional and learning activities. All modules are integrated. Example: After registration, bills are auto-generated in the billing module and accounts receivable is updated in accounting module.

A Holistic Module Which Connects Students, Teaching Faculty and Staff

A transparent and user-friendly solution that empowers students and minimizes the efforts of teachers to ease up admission process, assignments, attendance management and announcements or provide updates on campus activities. Hence, manual errors can be minimized and a teacher student link can be established via the software.

On-Premise or the Cloud

Choosing between a cloud or on-premise Hevra-IUMS offering will also affect the project cost. On-premise Hevra-IUMS is installed locally on your own hardware and your internal IT team manages it. It requires a significant one-time, upfront cost, but your long-term costs will be lower. Cloud Hevra-IUMS is hosted and managed through the vendor, which means upfront costs are low but long-term costs may be higher. Hevra-IUMS can be provided on both premise and could.

Eliminates Mismanagement and Manipulation of University Data

Hevra-IUMS eradicates the manipulation and mismanagement of university data that is accessible to staff and administrative staff and any glitch or fraud in the system can be easily discovered.

Administrative Rights

Hevra-IUMS eradicates the manipulation and mismanagement of university data that is accessible to staff and administrative staff and any glitch or fraud in the system can be easily discovered.

Hevra integrated university management system - screenshot

24x7 Online and Offline Support

Awrosoft provides offline and online support for the smooth functioning of Hevra-IUMS. So that technical bugs can be spotted and restored.

User Friendly Interface

Top Priority for users, well-managed dashboard with an eye-catchy user interface.

Modern Web Technologies

The software is based on modern technologies in order to support various upcoming applications.


Students can complete registration from anywhere eliminating long queues in the campus.

User Management

Decide who sees what with user and group permissions. Hevra-IUMS makes it easy to add user to the system and decide their role in groups and search old ones to change their permissions.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail log management Administrator can perform an audit on the actions performed under different sections of admin area by checking the logs of different sub-admin users.


A user-friendly dashboard providing overall information to students and faculties, make it easy for them to manage their schedule and work in efficient way.

Modules of Hevra-IUMS

Hevra-IUMS incorporated following modules:

1. Academic Modules

Online Admission

This module enables students to fill admission form online from anywhere saving the student’s time and cost of multiple visits to many colleges. It saves the staff’s valuable time that was spent earlier in data entry and verification. It also zeros mistakes of data entry work. The accurate data is available with the university online; making it easier for the university to publish merit list before the closure of registration.

Student Management

It maintains student life-cycle for their entire academic curriculum from their admission to course completion, to keep the data up-to-date which provides a better management to students in the institute as well. This module is used for complete student record keeping right from their admission till placement.

Student Enrolment

This module manages registration of students that have newly enrolled online to various colleges by uploading images of admission documents. The university faculty/staff checks eligibility of patrons through this student enrollment module.

The enrollment module generates a unique enrollment number for each student who applies for admissions. This enrollment number can be sent to students via SMS, Email or both. Students can access online login too, to know the enrollment number.

Result Management

Preparing and publishing results could be a tiresome affair for lectures. This module manages post-exam work routine, this is inclusive of mark entries, reports and valuations.

Course Management

This module supports the process of defining and organizing courses for each program based on the curriculum set by the University. System offers tools and a framework that allows relatively easy creation of course content and the subsequent teaching and management of that course.

Student Web Panel

It provides complete online information to the student on their academic information related to exam & assessment, finance details, class schedules and subject scheduling for the current semester, assignments, events. Student can view their personal, academic information and the complete study plan.

Assignment Management

Allocation and informing students about assignments, assessing them and providing feedback in collaborative environment of Hevra-IUMS is just a matter of few clicks.


Managing time of faculties and students is the most important part for any institute and our system helps in achieving the same, providing really user-friendly interface to allocate time slots to faculties.

Attendance Management

It automates the process of student attendance. Attendance system can computerize academic calendar, course (subject) allotment, time table entry and day to day attendance entry by the faculty/teacher.

Student Fee Management

It integrates operations and processes of admission and fees at colleges. Fees management is very useful to simplify whole fees processing system both for students and administrators.

Teacher Web Portal

It provides complete online information to the teacher on their academic information related to exam & assessment, class schedules and subject scheduling for the current semester, assignments, events.

Hostel Management

This module oversees hostel activities/ work such as: defining hostels, hostel admission and fees, room and mess allotment, monthly mess bill calculation, student certificates, reports, hostel stores, accounts and hostel staff payroll. It keeps a track of current as well as former students with their necessary details.

2. Back Office Modules

Human Resource

This module is a complete solution for information management related to the faculty and staff of the university. The employee code, appointment date, employee type, department, designation, pay scale, date of retirement, contact info and other relevant information.

Time & Attendance

This module enables the user to define flexible timeslots and timetables based on programs which is used by the admin to record the attendance of the staff. Time & Attendance can calculate the number of absences per faculty staff/ employee and take appropriate actions once the maximum number of absences has exceeded.


The payroll module is duly accountable for salary operations which include salary register, salary certificate, salary reports, leave management and payslip. Payroll works in parallel with other aspects such as increment, decrements, deduction, wages, bonus, etc. considering employee's attendance, leaves, performance, overtime, etc. simultaneously.


This module automates the accounting of multiple schemes and cashbooks for end number of financial years. Finance module links fees with other modules like Stores, Hostel, Payroll and entries. It features day to day account entry and account reports. Accounting and financial management can administer the creation of cashbooks, ledger heads, cost centers and account heads.

Leave Management

It provides a function to keep a track record of leaves that employees take or apply for. Administration has provision to accept or reject the leave application from system itself. It has a defined leave application form and workflow in the system so that employees can apply online for the leaves they seek which reduces paper communication and eliminates unnecessary costs. Yet this format can be modified as per the guidelines of the organization.

It allows to generate a separate leave structure for different sections of the organization for different type of leaves e.g. sick leave, paid leave, unpaid leave, on-duty leave, sabbatical, earned, maternity, etc.

Store & Asset Management

This module automates goods procurement process, receipt of goods, stock book entry, bill passing, issue of material for departments, stock book maintenance, and write offs for the university. It generates various store reports.

This module provides you fully integrated solution to manage store & stationery of the organization with its full efficiency. It ensures a smooth supply chain processing and better inventory control in the organization.

News Management

To keep students and faculty members informed about all happening going around the campus is just a click away using the Hevra-IUMS news publishing.

Event Management

Event management module enables institute to organize and inform students and faculties about the events. This module provides a section in which different event categories and types can be added or updated. Event Calendar is yet another factor through which new events are added at particular date and time. Students/Teachers participation in different activities, subjects, category, date etc. are also noted down.

Additional Services


We provide the Application Maintenance and Support by ensuring availability and quality of on-going support. The Help Desk/ support engineer will:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of the entire System
  • Provide corrective maintenance, troubleshoot and isolate defects, including diagnosis and correction of all latent errors in the application systems.
  • Investigate and correct defects in the application systems as reported by Customer within the service level.
  • Fine-tune and improve the performance of systems (if required).
  • Manage, support and implement, at the request of Customer, Service Requests, for the purpose of operational enhancements and system upgrade.
  • Assessing the impact of new releases, upgrades or patches of all the system software under the scope of maintenance.
  • Ensure that all modifications to the system are properly integrated with the necessary components and that the System performance shall not be degraded.
  • Provide system support services, including technical advice and assistance to the Customer to ensure the continuity and availability and accessibility of the systems.
  • Provide advice, guidance, and training to the Customer Officers in the use of the System.


Training takes place shortly after the implementation process, which walks users through the software, showing them how to both understand and use it. Software training is not an additional cost, it helps users understand the ins and outs of the software that will be a part of users' daily work life.

We provide comprehensive training accompanied with interactive and online user guides for our software products.

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